Pencil Skirt

You all remember the half-finished skirt I showed you guys a couple of weeks ago? Well, it's finished.

Actually, it's been finished for a while, I just haven't gotten around to posting it yet. I was pretty worried about it for a while. As I said in that last post, I got stuck somewhere in the middle and had no idea how to continue. Since I didn't want to ruin the fabric (which I adore so much and totally regret not having bought more of), I took it to a sewing course I took a couple of weeks back, hoping that a professional could help me rescue it.

Well, it was rescued. But not before a few more hours of worrying. I used So Sew Easy's instructions on how to draft a pencil skirt exactly to fit your own measurements and I had adjusted the pattern so the skirt would be waist-high. However, somewhere in between I decided I wanted it to sit a little lower. What I would have done (considering the back wasn't sewn shut yet) was to adjust the back a bit. What the professional did was cut off the top of the skirt (which is why the darts in the front are only like, an inch long and look a little weird). O_o First real moment of panic right there. Especially since the skirt was way too loose around my waist then and I had to readjust the sides completely.

But alas, it all turned out alright in the end. I did my first hidden zipper (...and totally caught my finger in the needle while doing it. Bled like crazy. Hurt for a week.), which isn't completely hidden to be honest, but I'm pretty satisfied with it.

I still think it's missing something on top, maybe a contrasting waistband of some sort. I'm thinking gathered satin or something, but I don't have the right fabric here right now, it's gonna have to wait.

As I said in my other post, I made a lot of mistakes with this one. But I'm really glad it turned out wearable in the end. Seriously, I would have cried if I would have ruined that pretty, pretty fabric.

I also made another flower out of some of the scrap fabric (well, actually I made two) to wear with the skirt. Not getting tired of those!

So, what do you guys think?

♥ Nicole


  1. I LOVE the skirt. Even though you found the process challenging and changed your mind mid-project, you were still able to finish off a great looking skirt. The fabric really is just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm kind of proud I finished it, too, considering I was thinking about giving up every step of the way. (And I still regret that I didn't buy more of the fabric so it would've been enough for a dress.)