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Nicole. 30...ish. German. Works in publishing. Shy. Humorous. Sarcastic. Obsessive. Blunt. Organized. Random. Fickle. Picky. Opinionated. Thinker. Dreamer. Worrywart. Realist. Bitch. Dork. Grouser. Procrastinator. Cynic. Introvert.

I'm a walking contradiction and while many people think they've figured me out, most of them actually haven't. I don’t take criticism well and hate it when people patronize me. I have a very short attention span and completely lack in the self-confidence department. I’m a perfectionist with a devil-may-care attitude. I don’t like to take risks and am a stickler for rules, mostly because I’m too chicken to break them. I'm extremely indecisive and in the end usually decide impulsively. I am as lazy as one person can possibly be, but when I've set my mind to something, I follow through. I can't live without my beloved to-do-lists (...that I have no problem carrying around for months, though, until I finally cross stuff off them), maybe because I have the worst memory ever (people keep telling me stuff about my life and I have no idea whether it actually happened). Wait...what am I doing here?


Travelling. Reading. TV. Movies. Photography. Languages. Photoshop. Astronomy. Yoga.

I’m a globetrotter who’s lived in six countries on three continents so far. While that may sound like I lead an exciting life – I don’t. I love reading and sometimes devour hundreds of pages a day (well, I do work in publishing), but I also like to be creative. I love photography, though I'm not very good at it. I lack the patience to take the time to set up a shot and I get frustrated when pictures don't turn out how I want them to, but I'm determined to learn and improve. My goal this year: get foodgawker to accept one of my pictures (So far? Not a chance). I'm also a total fangirl at heart and I flutter from fandom to fandom, though I usually end up somewhere in the sci/fi-fantasy genre. (Or somewhere with pretty men. Or uniforms. Or both. Yes, I'm shallow. Your point being?) I can spend hours talking about my favorite shows (though the finer points of the storylines usually elude me), I go to conventions, and yes - I got the t-shirts. Mostly, I bake, though, and love all things sugary. Which might explain why I'm on a perpetual diet and on constant bad terms with my scales. Good thing I can sew clothes that fit me now, eh?


Bake. Sew. Craft.

Initially, this blog was supposed to be about nothing but baking, cause out of all my little crafty endeavors, baking is what I do best and what I enjoy most. However, whenever I had actually decided on a name for my blog and wanted to get started....the name was already taken, I got discouraged and stopped pursuing the idea for a couple of months. That happened, oh...about 25 times. (Needless to say, I've been thinking about starting this blog for a very, very long time.)

Enter sewing. A few of my friends have been sewing their own clothes for quite a while and encouraged me to get the sewing machine I had bought years ago (but never once used) out of the basement and just give it a try. And let me tell you: Natural talent? I got none of it. I actually got quite discouraged at first, because I was really, really bad. Beginner's projects? I ruined them. I don't even know how much fabric ended up in the trash because I had no idea what I was actually doing. In the past few weeks, though, I feel like I've finally hit my learning curve. Granted, I'm still pretty terrible and you shouldn't look at anything I sew too closely, but I'm starting to be quite happy with what I'm producing and hey, there's always room to learn!

Anyway. So one day I had been sewing with my friend Kathi (who's my inofficial sewing teacher) and we talked about the blog idea and that day, on the way home I kept thinking - why not make it about everything I do? Baking, sewing, and I also like to do crafts and I've spent hours in the past meeting up with friends to craft or design stuff for my apartment. I got home, tried the name - and it was available. So here I am - not how I had always pictured it, but quite happy with my decision nonetheless.

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