Mathilde Blouse

For my birthday in February, a friend gave a book of sewing techniques with a card that said "For when we're sewing the Mathilde blouse." O_o Just to give you a frame of reference: back then, I could barely sew straight lines, so there was a lot of hysterical giggling involved when I checked out what my challenge was going to be.

To be honest, I didn't think I could ever produce anything remotely wearable, but alas, I prevailed (which is my usual attitude when it comes to sewing: prevail.).

However, there's a laundry list of things that went wrong with it. The buttons aren't completely centered, the tucks are anything but straight and my first encounter with piping didn't exactly go as planned. Plus: the pen I used to mark the fabric didn't disappear when I washed it, but actually just bled through everything and now can be seen in various places if you look closely.

Also, if I did it again, I'd do a few things differently. Even though the blouse is supposed to be a loose fit, it was a little too loose for me. I had to take it in at the waist a little, so it had some shape, but it still could be a size smaller. The sleeves also turned out extremely poofy (totally my own fault), so these I'd make a lot less poofy, too.

Still, I'm kinda proud of it and it's actually the first piece of clothing I've made that I've worn in public. And as you can see: another flower embellishment. I just love these lately. They're such an easy addition to everything and can completely change the look of something.

If you wanna give a it a go yourself, you can find the pattern over at Tilly and the Buttons!


  1. I saw your project over at Craftsy. IT turned out so cute! I love it!

    1. Thank you! :) I think I'm gonna try a green version next with short sleeves. Let's see how that one turns out! :)