Vanilla and Red Fruit Tarts

So I had brunch and a bit of a sewing session with my friend Kathi today (who I've been badgering about guest-blogging here considering she's the actual seamstress out of the two of us, so I'm sure you're gonna meet her sooner rather than later). No finished sewing projects to show yet (I've been working on Tilly's Miette Skirt under Kathi's tutelage, though I'm beginning to think I might be a bit of a lost cause), so considering how horrible the end product turns out to be you might get some pictures soon.

Anyway. I made some portuguese croissants (recipe to follow in the next post) and then on a whim decided I wanted to make some danishes as well. As usual, though, it was one of those days where I had planned to do one thing and ended up with something completely different. I had planned to fill the danishes with cream cheese and peach jam, but because I don't use my brain all that often I thought "why not make it a bit more cheesecake-like!" and added an egg to the cream cheese. Which turned the whole thing into cream cheese soup. So I had to think of a plan B. I still had puff pastry and I had cream cheese soup. What's a girl to do? This.

Vanilla & Red Fruit Tarts


250g puff pastry (frozen or fresh, I usually use fresh)
200g cream cheese
1 TB sugar
1 egg
1 p. instant vanilla pudding powder (I used Dr. Oetker Garant)
1 cup red fruit (fresh or frozen, I used frozen)

1. Line 5 small tarte forms (mine are 11cm in diameter) with the puff pastry. (Just cut a circle or a square, press it gently into the forms and up the sides and cut off any excess overflowing the form)

2. Using a hand mixer, mix the cream cheese, sugar, egg and vanilla pudding powder for about a minute.

3. Fill the tarte forms about 3/4 with the cream cheese mixture and put some red fruit on top (how much fruit is totally up to you).

4. Bake on 175°C for about 20 to 25 minutes (until the puff pastry turns golden).

5. Let the tartes cool down a bit and gently unmold them.

6. Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving.


♥ Nicole

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